The Experience of Community
When you put your passion first, your business succeeds beyond your wildest expectations. Get your business LIVE on MMM today!

The Formula for Success

The Event
Join a vast network of business owners, decision makers, creatives and influencers that Live & Work in your own neighborhood and host them at an event in your venue.
The Promotion
Your membership includes a Comprehensive marketing solution that includes mobile targeting, email, social media & publicity.
The Community App
Our MMM Live App connects you directly with Locals that are nearby your business with cutting edge technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does my coMMMunity Membership last?

Our Membership Program is available in monthly, quarterly, and annual packages to help make it easy for you as an owner to decide the right needs for your business as well as how many experiences and offers you want to promote.
2. How often are member events?

All of our Membership packages  include  access to our coMMMunity Cocktails that meet every other week in one of our experience locations to meet and network with your fellow peers. Admission is for one representative per business or organization and includes a complimentary drink.
4. How many locals will see my experience?

Between our e-mail list, social media platform, app users, website, and printed interactive magazines, we can guarantee that over 125K locals will see your experiential offer and connect directly with you business.
3. How many members are allowed to join?

We are selective about who we accept into our coMMMunity Membership Program. With about 10 experiences featured daily, our mission is to curate a selection of local businesses, creatives, and influencers that deliver a quality community experience of value to one another.

Every morning at 10am, we help our users plan out their days by sending them a push notification directly to their phones informing them of all the new Experiences on the MMM Live app.

Are you an Event Organizer?

Leverage our platform and promote your upcoming 
event to over 125K locals directly.
Event Membership
Proximity Alerts

Whenever a potential customer is within a 1/2 mile radius of your business, they will get an automatic notification of your offer that will allow them to swipe and view the full description of your experience and Convert them into a customer.

Want to Join OUR coMMMunity?

Learn More About Membership Today! 

The MMM Live App

The MMM Live app connects locals that are close by with a customized message that leads to your business' experiential offer in the palm of their hand. The app also allows us to interact with our local neighborhoods within our city. We do this through a combination of:

-Neighborhood Tiles & Lists

-Morning Notifications

-Proximity Alerts                              

-Experience Check-In's and Direct Messaging

-Interactive Activations and Experiences

Our Events
Expand your professional network with other business owners, creatives, and influencers in your own neighborhood through our bi-weekly CoMMunity Cocktails and other exclusive social events.
"MMM has given me amazing results that has connected me with my community, expanded my network  and driven business results better than anything else I do on a monthly basis."

Promote Your Business

Proximity Marketing
Our proprietary technology allows us to target locals within 1/4 mile of your business with PUSH notifications sending your Experiential Offer into the palm of their hand. 
E-mail & Social
Your membership will promote you to our existing community of over 125K Locals via our weekly e-newsletter & our social media followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube with Global Distribution. 
Have an upcoming event or experience? Share it with our readers through our community articles on our website and in our quarterly Interactive magazine.




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